Civic Studio: Vision & Values
Civic Studio
May 7, 2021

We envision a world where every person and every community writes their own stories, and their leadership, creativity, and knowledge shape:

  • Public policy and processes
  • The environments that we inhabit
  • The stewardship of resources and relationships

ACTION: We work to demystify and transform processes that limit citizen participation. We pull together the right people, skills, and tools to bring big ideas to life, in service of our community, our partners, and underrepresented voices.

IMAGINATION: We pair creative exploration with careful documentation and study. We draw and we make things. We use different mediums and techniques in search of the best ways to communicate complex information and to inspire collective action.  

ECOLOGY: We seek to understand connections across sectors and scales, and relationships between peoples and places. We work towards environmental stewardship, reciprocity, and justice in our creative practices and through our partnerships.

ROOTED IN PLACE: We are a part of a community in Central City, New Orleans, Bulbancha. This place, its people, and its history ground us, teach us, and inspire us every day to work towards social and economic justice in this community and beyond.

Civic Studio, a New Orleans Cooperative